Welcome to Klarna’s shopping pulse

This is an insights report that, as the name suggests, keeps its finger on the pulse of shopping developments across three continents. And combine research with data from Klarna’s own shopping services to explore evolving shopping habits.

A year into the pandemic, digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented pace and shoppers have turned online more than ever before. Many retailers have pivoted to evolve their online presence in order to meet new consumer expectations online. But does this mean that physical stores are irrelevant? Not at all – our research shows that physical stores still play an important role for shoppers. That said, many shoppers anticipate that they will shop online even more often in the future.

On the following pages, you will find a pulse check on shopping habits in both Germany and a selection of countries around the world.

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Our study shows that there is a high interest in shopping.

The chart below shows the percentage of consumers in each country that say that they have a high interest in shopping.

Basis for the insights

Klarna data

Online purchases processed by Klarna during 2021. Klarna globally serves over 90 million shoppers and 250 000 merchants and process over 2 million daily purchases across the globe.


Insights from Klarna’s consumer research, conducted in cooperation with Nepa across 9 markets (the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland). The research was conducted during May 2021, and includes a minimum of 1,000 respondents in each market (1,006 in Germany). In total, more than 10,000 consumers participated. The sample sizes are nationally representative and have been selected by research agency Nepa.