🎄 Festive Film Fest 🍿

Popcorn at the ready, folks. The holiday season has started and it’s officially binge-watch o’clock. Yes, we’re talking about movies — the more festive and wholesome the better. Because nothing quite says ’tis the season to be cozy like wrapping yourself up on the sofa and absorbing all the cinematic feels.

But does everyone feel the same way? And what is the most festive film of them all? This report goes around the globe to give us an answer once and for all.



Klarna’s Holiday survey was sent out online during October 2022 in collaboration with research agency Dynata to a representative sample of more than 17,540 consumers across 17 countries and 3 continents, with more than 1,000 respondents per country.

17,540 consumers

17 countries

Holiday movies.

If you didn’t watch a holiday movie, did the holidays even happen?

Who doesn’t love a good festive film?

’Tis the season to get cozy and watch a good seasonal movie, says basically everyone.


watch holiday-themed movies, ranging from 85% in Portugal to 63% in the UK.

The love is real.

The majority of people we spoke to love a good festive film, but the younger generations are the biggest fans.


of Gen Z’ers watch holiday-themed movies.

What are the top reasons to watch holiday movies? Nostalgia? Tradition? Pure vibes?

It’s nostalgia. It’s tradition. And you just have to watch them to make the holiday season complete. These are the top reasons to watch holiday movies.


are here for the nostalgia feels.


say holiday movies are a seasonal must.

How soon is too soon…

to start watching holiday movies?

Believe it or not

4 out of 10 people start watching holiday movies before December. But Australians start the earliest. 26% say they begin watching holiday-themed movies before November. And 13% of them admit it’s their guilty pleasure to watch them all year round. 🤯

The greatest Holiday movie of all time is…

Let’s put this argument to bed. And no, it’s not ‘Die Hard.’ Sorry.

1. ‘Home Alone’ (1990) – 55%

2. ‘Love Actually’ (2003) – 23%

3. ‘The Grinch’ (2018) – 20%

United we stand, divided we binge.

So, we’ve found that ‘Home Alone’ (1990) is the number one holiday movie of all time. But when it comes to movies such as ‘The Holiday’ (2006) and ‘Die Hard’ (1995), there are clear differences.

Guess we’ll just have to watch them all!

The Holiday (2006)

is twice as popular among women (24%) than among men (13%).

Die Hard (1995)

is twice as popular among men (24%) than women (10%).

Baby Boomers

prefer ‘Die Hard’ (1995) and ‘Trading Places’ (1983) more than most younger generations.

And that’s that.

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