Welcome to Klarna’s Halloween Report! 🎃

Halloween is just around the corner. Notice the smell of pumpkin spice in the air? Whether you’re simply going to put a blanket over your head or you’re going all-out by wearing a three-piece costume, there’s no better time of year to dress up and show off your style. In this report, we look at Halloween trends across the globe and find out how people around the world are planning to dress up for the spooky season.

Let’s get spooky!


Klarna’s Halloween Survey was sent out online in collaboration with research agency Dynata to a representative sample of more than 18,000 consumers across 18 countries and three continents, with more than 1,000 respondents per country.

18 countries

18,000 consumers

3 continents

Dressing up for Halloween 👻

Getting ready for Halloween is an event itself so whether you’ve been busy brewing ideas or haven’t thought about your Halloween costume just yet, here’s the low-down on who’s fully committed to spooky season this year.

Who’s most likely to dress up?

Half of Americans are planning to dress up for Halloween this year—more than any other country. Let’s see who else is on the hunt for Halloween costumes across the globe!

1 in 4

people are planning to dress up for Halloween.


more Americans are planning to dress up for Halloween compared to the global average.

Age does matter!

Gen Z and Millennials are up to ten times more likely to dress up compared to older generations, but when it comes to gender the split is equal. In fact, the same number of males and females plan to dress up.

1 in 4

males and females would dress up for Halloween.


of Gen Xers are most likely to wear funny costumes compared to other generations.

Off to the fitting room!

When it comes to spooky season, putting a Halloween costume together is never an easy task. Do you want to come as a scary ghost, sexy nurse, or would you rather make someone laugh? Let’s take a look at what consumers around the globe are taking into the fitting room.

Halloween costume choice by country (in percent)

1 in 2

French respondents would choose a scary costume.

3 in 5

Austrians would choose a funny costume.

Sexy, scary or funny?

Globally, almost half of consumers surveyed said they would wear a funny costume, a third would go scary and a smaller number would go sexy. Below is more of what we found:

Halloween costume choice by age

Halloween costume choice by gender

Inspiration for Halloween costumes.

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is figuring out what to wear. And inspiration can come from many different sources.

Movies, TV or social media? You decide!

Most consumers take inspiration from popular movies or TV shows, while others look to cultural icons, social media, or their own imagination.

1 in 2

is inspired by movies for their Halloween outfits.


more Poles would use their imagination compared to the global average.

1 in 2

Gen Z and millennials look to movies for inspiration.

1 in 4

Gen X ers are inspired by cultural icons.

That’s it for this time!

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