3, 2, 1 … Happy New Year!

New Year, New You…

… or maybe not. 

It’s hard to believe but we’re almost at that time of year again, the time to start reflecting on the last 12 months and how we want the next 12 to look. Will we be healthier? Happier? Richer? All of the above? Or shall we try and be a little more realistic this time around?

In this report, we’ve gone around the world to discover what attitudes — and outfits — people are bringing to NYE this year.

Cheers! 🥂


Klarna’s Holiday survey was sent out online during October 2022 in collaboration with research agency Dynata to a representative sample of more than 17,540 consumers across 17 countries and 3 continents, with more than 1,000 respondents per country.

17,540 consumers

17 countries

Fix up, look sharp.

For many of us, dressing up for New Year’s Eve is all part of the fun!

The place to be.

Most people will be celebrating New Year’s eve in their own homes, or in the homes of their loved ones. Only 12% will be celebrating elsewhere.


will celebrate New Year’s eve at home, at a friend’s or family member’s place.

Younger generations are likely to make more effort to dress up for New Year’s Eve.


of Gen Z’ers will dress up for New Year’s eve…


…while far fewer Baby Boomers say the same.

Comfy clothing reigns supreme for those not dressing up.


of those that won’t dress up will go for comfy clothing on New Year’s eve.

Wearing red underwear for luck and good fortune.

In some cultures, it’s thought that wearing red underwear on NYE is a good luck charm. And if this colorful choice may turn the tide, why not give it a whirl?


are most likely to wear red underwear for luck (35%).

The Portuguese

are the most open to trying if it would bring them good luck and fortune (35%).

Party ’fits.

Let’s start the year in style!

Dressed to impress.

Formal clothing? Costume party? Or will you be a human glitter ball in head-to-toe sequins? What’s the NYE vibe this year?


party clothing is the most popular choice.


want to wear a costume for a themed event.

Stepping into 2023…

In flats? In heels?

It’s official: platforms and sky-high heels are out (4%).

Sneakers are the most popular choice (23%).

Otherwise, the jury is out. Medium heels, low heels, flats, cozy shoes, and barefoot all got similar responses. So, it’s an anything goes kinda situation.

Bring the shade.

A night that sparkles with every color in the rainbow.


pink is about twice as popular in Australia as anywhere else.

New Year’s Resolutions.

Let’s raise a toast to good intentions.

“My New Year’s resolutions are..”

…absolutely, positively, definitely going to work this time…


of Gen Z’ers will make New Year’s resolutions…


…while less than half as many Baby Boomers will do the same.

Most popular New Year’s resolutions.

Most people are hoping for financial and physical wellness this year, but introducing new skills and pastimes is also high on the global to-do list.

Getting healthier

is the most popular New Year’s resolution (45%), shortly followed by saving more money (43%) and exercising more (43%).

Would you rather be healthier or financially better off?

What’s your top priority right now?


would prefer physical health over financial.

Younger generations

are slightly more likely to prioritize financial health.

And that’s that.

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