Hit the Slopes 🏂

Are you ready to hit the slopes this winter? 

For many, the winter months are not for hibernating but for thrill-seeking. And what says that more than skiing down the side of a mountain? But do some nations make more of the snow than others? 

In this report, we explore global attitudes and habits toward winter activities. Do people rate skiing over snowboarding? How do folks choose to unwind after a long day of sliding on ice? And what do they wear? Join us as we take a closer look at the key trends this year and how you, too, can look swish on the slopes. 

Let’s go! 🚡


Klarna’s Holiday survey was sent out online during October 2022 in collaboration with research agency Dynata to a representative sample of more than 17,540 consumers across 17 countries and 3 continents, with more than 1,000 respondents per country.

17,540 consumers

17 countries

Winter Activities.

Whether it be on ice or snow, there are plenty of opportunities for some full-on al fresco fun.

Who loves the slopes the most?

The majority of people we spoke to in each country have tried some sort of winter activity. But there are majorities, and then there are the Nordics…


of people globally have tried some form of winter activity… but at 95%, nowhere beats Norway.

The ski-off ⛷️

Skiing and ice skating are the most frequently tried activities across all countries. But whether skiing is done on slopes or cross-country differs.


have tried skiing downhill, while 38% have tried cross-country. Unsurprisingly, the Finns favor cross-country skiing the most at 81%, followed by Norway at 76%.


have tried ice skating, while only 16% have tried ice hockey or a similar team sport on ice.

Crossing off the ice bucket list.

Snowboarding, sledding, and paragliding are the winter activities that most would like to try.


would like to try a totally new winter activity this year.

Skis vs. Boards.

Going down the slopes on skis rather than a snowboard is preferred in 16 out of 17 countries.

1 out of 17

Portugal is the only country in which those that have tried both downhill skiing and snowboarding prefer the latter.

Slope style 🎿

Hitting the slopes doesn’t mean sacrificing your style. But how seriously do people take winter sports fashion? We find out whether people prefer to splash the cash on fancy ski suits or whether they couldn’t care less.

Winter ’fits.

The majority wouldn’t be caught on the slopes, or at the after-ski, wearing something that is completely out of style.


believe that winter fashion has importance. 36% mostly want to avoid outdated outfits while 27% believe it is very important that their winter sports outfit is fashionable.

Goggle vision.

Whether you’re rocking moon boots or uggs, ski goggles or sunglasses, what you wear is important, no matter how fast you’re speeding down the slopes. But which items do people covet the most?

Keeping toasty

is the top priority, as you might expect. Ski jackets and gloves are tied first at 52%, followed by a beanie hat at 48%.


think that ski goggles are among the most important winter sport fashion items, and 40% say the same about sunglasses.

Who are you wearing?

Only a few are indifferent to the brands they wear.


of winter fashionistas think that the label and brand matter. Most importantly, the brand needs to be known for the quality of its winter clothing (70%).

Break the bank.

How much do people spend on their winter sports outfits?


will cap their spending at $500.

Sharing is caring (and more sustainable).

Many who care about their winter sports looks don’t mind renting the equipment they need, or buying pre-loved items.


rent items.


buy pre-loved items.

In the Spotlight.

We’ve already established that ski outfits are a fashion statement, and even though the majority of people we spoke to would prefer to blend in there are some that would rather stand out.

Blending in

Nordic countries are the most eager to blend in. 71% of Swedes, 72% of Norwegians, and 82% of Finns prefer their outfits to be modest.

Standing out

56% of Italians would rather stand out, closely followed by Spaniards (55%), Poles (54%), Aussies (53%), and Canadians (52%).

Shades of the season.

Color palette is an integral part of any outfit and winter sports fashion is no different. Most people opt for reliable classic colors like blue (40%) or black (50%) but there are some who like it loud…


of the Irish down to wear a hot pink ski suit.


of Poles are up for wearing something multi-colored.

1 in 4

are all for camo aka all white.

Fashion with a function.

The vast majority believe that ski helmets can be both fashionable and functional. Safety first!


think that ski helmets can be both fashionable and functional.

Under the influence.

83% look for winter sports fashion advice on social media. Instagram is #1 at 73%, followed by Facebook at 69% and YouTube at 58%.

Winter relaxation.

How do you like to unwind after a long day on the slopes? Ice bath? Sauna? A movie or a book? Or do you head straight to the bar?

Most popular ways to relax after winter activities.

They say that ice baths are great for recovery but before jumping into the cold tub, know that there are other (often warmer) alternatives.


say that having a drink and watching a movie or TV is the best way to relax.

Take the plunge!

Noone loves ice bathing like the Finns!


of Finns have tried ice bathing.

Generation dare.

Younger generations are far more likely to try ice bathing.


of Gen Z’ers have tried ice bathing.

Channel your inner Wim Hof.

Yes, there are health benefits to getting in an ice bath — it’s not just because it sounds impressive.


better blood circulation is a key benefit for ice bathers.


think it reduces stress.


say it increases immunity.


believe increased willpower is one of the main benefits.

Finns like it hot.

It is a national treasure after all.


of Finns enjoy the Sauna.

I take my sauna with a side of …

Hot bath? Ice bath? Opinions differ when it comes to whether to take a hot or cold bath — or whether to bathe at all — while using the sauna.


of Finns don’t bathe at all when using the Sauna. And as the world’s most enthusiastic sauna users, we consider this a pro tip!

And that’s that.

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