Holiday gift shopping for pets

The Holiday Season is all about giving to family, friends or significant others, but who else is on the receiving end? Pets of course! Everyone deserves something new for Christmas!

If you have thought of purchasing a gift for your pet for Christmas, then you are certainly not alone. 

In this exclusive Pet Report, we were curious to find out who across the world owns a pet, and what presents are given to our furry friends during the Holiday season.

Happy Pawlidays!


Klarna’s Holiday Survey was sent out online in collaboration with research agency Dynata, to a representative sample of more than 16,900 consumers across 16 countries, with more than 1,000 respondents per country.

16 countries

17,000 consumers

3 continents

Holiday gifts for pets

The holidays are no longer just for humans, but also for your four-legged companions and other friends. Let’s take a look at who across the world has put their pet at the top of their present list, and are planning to purchase a gift for their pet during the festive season.

Share of pet owners planning to purchase a gift for their furry family members

American, Norwegian and Finnish pet-owners want their pet to enjoy the festivities the most by treating them with a Christmas gift.

3 in 5

pet-owners plan to purchase a gift for their pet during the Holiday season.

3 in 4

American pet-owners plan to give a present to their pet.

Pet gifting according to generations and gender.

Although pet-owners have an unconditional love for their pets, who is planning to purchase a gift for them at Christmas? Let’s take a look!

Christmas presents for pets, the age group and gender version.

Younger generations plan on treating their pet the most this Christmas. Hint: some pets will have more packages to unwrap than others, as some pet owners are looking to buy several different types of gifts!

3 in 5

women and men plan to let their pet enjoy the festivities by giving them a gift

5 in 7

Millennials will buy a Holiday gift for their pet

Types of gifts from pet-owners

If there is anyone deserving of a gift this holiday season, well, it’s your pet. But what are pets most expecting to find in their stockings this year? Is it toys, an ugly sweater or some treats?

Popular purchases among pet-owners

Here we take a look at the most popular purchases among pet-owners and how they are going to treat their furry family members.


are the most popular pet gift this Holiday season, followed by Food items.

2 in 5

of American and Norwegian pet-owners treat their pet to their own home decor (beds, bowls, etc). 

Gifting someone else’s pet

While consumers might “like” their friends’ pets pics on Instagram, don’t expect them to buy any special treats this season. Over three-quarters of shoppers say they’re not shopping for anyone else’s pet this year.

Who spoils their friends’ pet?

Let’s check out who among pet-owners are the most generous, and ready to splurge their money on someone else’s pet.

4 in 5

pet-owners do not plan on giving a gift to someone else’s pet.

1 in 3

of Millennials would plan to gift someone else’s pet, making them the most generous generation!

Pet ownership.

Pets can be our best friends and motivators. They make us laugh and bring us comfort when we need it the most. Let’s take a look at the share of people who have welcomed and added a pet to their family.

Where are the most pet-owners?

Italians are, hands down, the biggest pet-owners in the world. Americans and French rank second and third for pet ownership.

2 in 3

Italians are pet-owners.


of Swedish people are pet-owners.

Women are more likely to be pet-owners

Women are more pet-owners than men. And, on average, there are more Gen Z and Millennial pet-owners as compared to older generations.

3 in 5

women own a pet.

2 in 3

of Gen Z and Millennials own a pet.

The online shopping map.

Pet owners across the world are buying supplies, toys and treats for their furry family members online. Let’s take a look at where they live.

The online shopping map.

Select a country in the list below to see where people shop the most Pet products online per capita in that country.

1 January – 7 December 2021

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