Holiday Hacks.

The holidays are approaching fast and if you think that everyone seems a little more organized this year, you’d be right.

In 2022, budgeting and time-saving hacks are the top priority for consumers, with many saying they will be using various methods to save money wherever possible.

If you’re looking to pick up some cash-saving tips, then read on. We’ve sleighed around the world to bring you a sack full of shopping tricks and trends to make your holiday season all the merrier!


Klarna’s Holiday survey was sent out online during October 2022 in collaboration with research agency Dynata to a representative sample of more than 17,540 consumers across 17 countries and 3 continents, with more than 1,000 respondents per country.

17,540 consumers

17 countries

‘Tis the season to be … savvy

For some, gift shopping season has already started. Let’s take a look at this year’s global holiday trends.

‘Tis the season to be … shopping.

People around the world will still be buying holiday gifts this year.


will be shopping for holiday gifts this year, globally. Ranging from 92% in Norway to 65% in the Netherlands.

Ready, Steady, Shop!

This year, the number of shoppers looking to strike a deal is increasing. Most folks will start holiday bargain hunting in November, taking advantage of sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


of Americans will start buying Christmas gifts before December.

Savvier than ever.

The majority of shoppers will try to be more cost-efficient in comparison to last year.


will try harder to save money while shopping for Christmas gifts this year.

Generation thrift shift.

When it comes to saving $$$, younger generations are more concerned than older generations.


of Gen Z’ers, and 86% of Millennials will try harder to save money.

Seasonal savings.

Thankfully there are many ways to save a little cash while still bagging the perfect gift. Here’s how shoppers will get creative during the holiday shopping season.

Play the game.

Today’s shoppers are better equipped than ever to find the best prices, deals, and offers across multiple platforms.


of Gen Z’ers will be using shopping apps; 42% of Millennials say the same.

Gen Z’ers & Millennials

will be using price comparison services and coupons more than others.

Embracing budgets.

Shoppers are looking to hack the holidays by prioritizing essentials and embracing sales.

6 in 10

shoppers, across all generations, will be looking to make use of smart ways to save funds while shopping (like discounts, coupons and sales).

Share the love.

Younger generations are the most likely to zone in on sustainable gifting practices and recirculate pre-loved products.

That’s a wrap!

Opening gifts will always excite our inner child, no matter how old we are IRL. And how the gift is wrapped is all part of the fun — the more creative the better!


of Gen Z’ers will be using creative gift-wrapping techniques.

Advent calendars.

We’ve come a long way since advent calendars were just about the illustrations. Today, these daily delights not only add extra excitement to the holiday season, but they can be a great cost-effective way to try out new products, too.

Counting down the days.

There are few things as nostalgic as extending the holiday magic with a little daily surprise.


will be looking to buy an advent calendar for the holidays, either for themselves or for someone else.

Younger generations buy them for themselves.

Noone treats themselves to advent calendars like Gen Z’ers.


of Gen Z’ers will be buying an advent calendar for themselves, more than any other generation.

Sneaky samples.

There’s a whole advent world beyond the classic chocolate surprise. Why not take the opportunity to try out a range of new products for a fraction of the price?


think advent calendars add excitement to the holidays.


think they’re a great way to try new products.

Candy reigns supreme.

Of course, chocolate and candy are still the most popular advent calendar fillings, but beauty products and children and pet toys aren’t far behind.

Secret Santa.

We’re constantly looking to level up the festive fun and Secret Santa always delivers. With family, friends, or even colleagues, it’s a great way to give gifts, particularly when on a budget.


Almost half of the people we spoke to want to be someone’s secret Santa this year.


will participate in Secret Santa this year, while…


…want to.

Gen Z’ers & Millennials <3 Secret Santa.

The younger you are, the bigger your love for Secret Santa.


of Gen Z’ers will be in a Secret Santa group this year, as will…


of Millennials.

Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers

want to be part of the fun but are less likely to have a group confirmed.

Budget is the aim of the game.

Most groups take their Secret Santa budget seriously. Whether you’re spending $5 or $50, defining your budget is a key part of an equal and happy Secret Santa soiree.

The joy of giving.

Most people agree that watching their Secret Santa gift being opened is the most fulfilling part of the game — more so than opening their own gift!


of people globally are excited to watch the gift they bought being opened, while only 11% enjoy guessing the identity of their Secret Santa.

And that’s that.

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