The Checkout


The Checkout is Klarna’s global annual summary of the year through the lens of your purchases.

Smaller items that
bring greater joy.

Despite recent unprecedented events, Millennials and Gen Z have once again proven their resilience. They’ve decided they can have their cake, and eat it too—opting to spend money on smaller things that bring them greater joy, without draining their wallets. From record-breaking concerts to dopamine-induced interiors, this year’s Checkout is all about maximizing life.

Life maximized


+ 1601%

According to Klarna’s Shopping Index, in August, rhinestone cowboy hats saw a boost in sales of 1153% in the US. The item became a wardrobe staple, with a 1601% increase in global sales.

Concert glam to rival performers.

Entertainment standards soared to new heights in the past year. Huge crowds flocked to sold-out tours, sporting events, and blockbuster phenomena such as the Barbie movie. Spectators embraced the chance to become a part of the show through fashion, wearing metallic eye shadow, friendship bracelets, and all things pink.

Top trending items

Bold decor and
bursts of color.

It was hard to let go of the ‘greige’ color, which has been the hallmark of interior design for the past decade. But in 2023, the world collectively decided to spice up their interiors. Rich pops of color, wavy mirrors, checkered blankets, and geometric candles have turned living spaces into eye candy, marking a 180-degree pivot from our minimalist past.

Top trending items

Host with
the most


Klarna’s Shopping Index shows that movie nights just got a lot more cinematic, with a 77% surge in mini projector purchases in the US. Globally, the trend saw a sales increase of 84% from January to September 2023.

house parties.

People are taking the Danish cozy concept of ‘hygge’ to a whole new level. And they’re not doing it alone, choosing to host others at home, upping their game with charming dinner settings, and even investing in film projectors for communal movie nights. From every kind of ice bucket imaginable, to scented oil diffusers and sustainable glass straws, no detail was spared.

Top trending items

About Klarna’s Shopping Index

Klarna’s Shopping Index is calculated based on the number of items sold relative to total items sold and reflects the true trends regardless of sales growth in the category. The information is from online purchases with Klarna in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Italy, and Poland between January 2023 to September 2023.