Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is just around the corner. When most of us think about lighting up our homes with colorful lights or decorating a Christmas tree, some are reaching into the back of their closet to take out their Ugly Christmas sweater. Whether you love or hate it, nothing says festive fashion like the Ugly Christmas Sweater. 

First introduced in the 1950s and initially called “jingle bell sweaters” by retailers, it was not until the 1980s that the Christmas sweater gained popularity thanks to appearances in TV and movies.

In this report, we’ve taken the opportunity to investigate how people across the globe are donning Ugly Christmas Sweaters this season.

Ho, Ho, Ho


Klarna’s Holiday Survey was sent out in collaboration with Dynata to a representative sample of more than 18,000 consumers across 18 countries, and 3 continents, with more than 1000 respondents per country.

18 countries

18,000 consumers

3 continents

Ugly Christmas Sweater, yay or nay?

It’s already that time of year when festive clothing is acceptable at every occasion. From Christmas-themed jumpers with Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen, to more sassy or funny sweaters, we are spoilt for choice! Although the wearing of the Ugly Christmas Sweater is a long lasting tradition for some, for others it’s a trend that has to end.

A love or hate relationship.

Is the Ugly Christmas sweater craze the same in most countries? Here’s what people across the globe think:

1 in 2

Americans love Ugly Christmas Sweater, making them the most enthusiastic wearers in the world.


of Germans are opposed to the idea of an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Who else loves Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

It is not only across countries that differences in attitudes towards Ugly Christmas Sweaters can be found. Star signs, sexual identity and birth order are often more revealing than your age, gender, or country of origin. For instance, the likelihood that you enjoy an exceptionally Ugly Christmas Sweater appears to increase with the level of seniority in the sibling birth order.


born in the Aries star sign loves an Ugly Christmas Sweater – the most out of any zodiac


LGBTQIA+ people has a higher love for Ugly Christmas Sweaters compared to others

The Season’s must-have according to generations and gender

Younger generations are more enthusiastic about the idea of an Ugly Christmas Sweater compared to older generations. And, on average, women are more open to wearing one than men.

Ugly Christmas Sweater wearers by age and gender.

Women are more enthusiastic than men regarding the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Click on the tabs below to see how the sentiment shifts across genders and age groups across the world.


women love Ugly Christmas Sweater compared to 37% of men. This gap between women and men appears to be highest in Spain – and the opposite only in Austria


more Gen Zers love the idea of an Ugly Christmas Sweater compared to Baby Boomers.

Dressing habits during the holiday season

There are plenty of opportunities to dress—and impress—during the “most wonderful time of the year.” Warm, chic, funny, cheesy? Let’s see how people are wearing their holiday spirit.

Holiday outfits

Let’s take a look at what people around the globe think best represents their dressing habits during the holiday season.


Americans are three more times as likely to be looking forward to wearing their Ugly Christmas Sweaters compared to Germans.


of Americans think their Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the most important feature of their Holiday wardrobe, making them the most positive across the globe!

Millennials + Ugly Christmas Sweaters = True

Younger generations are the most adventurous dressers during the festive season. They are more eager to get new outfits for every social occasion  and more keen to wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters.


more Millennials are looking forward to wearing their Ugly Christmas Sweaters compared to Baby Boomers.


of American Millennials are looking forward to wearing their ugly Christmas Sweaters.

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